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May 27, 2004
Honoring a Home Town Hero
Rumsfeld Delays Boeing Tanker Deal
NMB Stonewalls Freight Rail Negotiations
Medicare Law Provides Windfall for Employers
HPWO Partnership Signed with Milwaukee Cylinder
No Recovery for Big-Ticket Items

May 25, 2004

Machinists Ratify Accord with Boeing-St. Louis
UAL Continues Assault on Retirees
Gas Prices Hit New Record
Contract at Bath Iron Works Set to Expire
RNC Denies it Outsourced Fundraising
American Axle CEO Sounds Alarm
IAM Site is Eighth Wonder of World
Newsletter/Website Contest Deadline is June 1
Wall St. Beats Financial Path to Bush Door
IAM Announces 2004 Editor, Web Classes

May 20, 2004

Harley Prospers Without Shipping Jobs Overseas
House Leaders Target OSHA Protections
Washington Post Exposes Bush Fundraising Network
Greenspan Tapped For Fifth Term
Medicare Ads Ruled Illegal
Bush Poll Numbers Hit New Low

May 18, 2004
Maytag CEO Grilled Over Outsourcing
Members to Vote at Boeing-St. Louis
V.P. Cheney Boosts Wal-Mart
Bush Speech Proves Kiss of Death for Ohio Workers
IAM and Air Canada in Tentative Accord
Key House Panel Backs Tanker Deal
Card Check Win Brings New Members

May 13, 2004

IAM Marks Day of Action With Rally & March
Legislative Delegates Primed for Election
GOP Leaders Block Debate on Overtime Rules
A Mayor in the Making
Federal Deficit Hits New Record

May 11, 2004

Full Agenda Marks IAM Legislative Conference
Health Worries Haunt 9/11 Workers
Midwest Territory to Host ‘Dawgs’ Rally
Launch Vehicle Techs Approve New Contract
Series Examines Ohio Role in Upcoming Election

May 6, 2004
IAM Police Officers Save Boy's Life
Working Families Win Overtime Vote
Illinois Metal Workers Affiliate With IAM
IAM Hosts Aviation HS Students
Sugar Not So Sweet on CAFTA

May 4, 2004
Accord Ratified at Hamilton Sundstrand
Medicare Bill Triggers Multiple Investigations
May 12 is Transportation Day of Action
District 75 Breaks New Ground in Arbitration
John Carr Joins Communications Staff