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November 26, 2003
Piper Aircraft Plant Goes IAM
Machinists Union Welcomes IRS Drivers
GLR Ron Eldridge Named Aerospace Coordinator
Give the Gift of Good Jobs
IAM Flight Attendants Ready for Take Off
Local 639 Food Drive Nets 15,000 lbs
Holiday Closure

November 25, 2003
Congress Passes Flawed Medicare Drug Bill
Congress Reverses Overtime Protections
Enough is Enough at US Airways
Rally for Justice at U-Haul Headquarters
Community Services/EAP Sessions Held

November 20, 2003
Machinists March on Miami
Sold Out by AARP, the American Association of Ripped-off Pensioners
Maytag Blasted at Miami Worker Forum
Bush Administration Officials Slam Airline Pension Plan Relief
NBC Nightly News Special Features IAM "Wall of Shame"
No Age Limit at FTAA Protests
PBS Program to Spotlight Job Loss From NAFTA

November 18, 2003
GOP Touts Sham Medicare ‘Reform’ Bill
Milwaukee Says ‘Keep It American Made’
Appeals Court to Hear US Airways Outsourcing Case

Cash Balance Pension Scam Blocked

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

November 13, 2003
Passenger Rage Survey Deadline Nears
Democrats Pick Union Carriers for Convention
Flight Attendants Alerted to Body Clock Disruptions
Wal-Mart Faces Racketeering, Conspiracy Charges
Fight Brewing Over Radical Judges
Seniors set Strategies for Looming Election

November 11, 2003
Seniors Draft Grassroots Action Plan
Raytheon Moves Wire Work to Mexico
Vote Now to Stop FTAA
Wall of Shame Highlights Bush Job Loss
Local 917 President Elected Mayor
CLUW Launches Cancer Awareness Project

November 6, 2003
Outsourcing Ban Upheld at US Airways
Mother Jones Visits Local Lodge 66
Southwest to Close Reservations Centers
Seniors Launch TV Ads On Medicare Plan
U.S. Trade Court Blasts Labor Dept.
Howard Dean Bucks Spending Limits

November 4, 2003
IAM Launches Cyberlodge Membership Program
GOP Guts Medicare Legislation
350 Jobs in Wisconsin Say ‘Adios’
The Rat Wins Again!
UTC Fuel Cells Negotiations Begin