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October 31, 2002
Bush Slides in Polls
Mondale Enters Senate Race
ARA Issues Voting Record on Senior Issues
District 15 Scores a Win
Funeral Held for Slain U.S. Diplomat

October 29, 2002
IAM Mourns Sen. Paul Wellstone
Election 2002: Up for Grabs
Stock Plunge Whipsaws Retirement Hopes
Arbitrator Finds for Boeing
Settled Suit Brings Benefits for Rail Workers
IAM, Metal Trades Buck Dow Decert Effort
Guide Dogs of America Banquet Looms

October 24, 2002
Big Business Eyes Critical Election
Help Needed in Pratt & Whitney Brain Cancer Study
Action Urged for Airline Workers

Industry Week
Magazine Honors Local 1720
Machinists' Choice Appointed to US Airways' Board of Directors
Labor Demands Proxy Vote Disclosure

October 22, 2002
Economic Issues Drive Election
UPS Negotiations to Continue
IAM Workers at Boeing Key to Legal Victory
Corporate Scandals Cost USA $200 Billion
House Rejects Jobless Pay Benefit
Congress Agrees on ‘Lame Duck’ Session
HPWO: Working Together Pays
IAM Shutterbugs Notch Honors

October 17, 2002
Progress Reported in UPS Talks
Stanley’s Offshore Strategy Continues
House GOP Rejects Jobless Aid
Political Ploys Snarl Congress
Senate Passes Election Reform Bill
White House Waffles on Homeland Security

October 15, 2002
IAM-UPS Negotiations Begin
Drug Plan Fiasco Sparks Seniors’ Ire
Hill Recess Offers Opportunities
U.S. Governor’s Races Heat Up
Maytag Moves to Mexico
Springfield Lincoln Mercury Mazda Goes IAM

October 10, 2002
IAM, UAL Work To Avoid Bankruptcy
IAM-UPS Bargaining Set to Begin
White House Wades Into Dockworkers Fight
Court Hands Workers A Win
Poverty, Bankruptcy on Upswing
Wal-Mart Slammed on Federal Charges

October 8, 2002
IAM Eyes GE Contract Talks
Medical Costs Drive Strike at Lufkin
High Court Ducks NJ Ballot Dispute
Working Families Key to November Elections
GOP Stalls Homeland Security Bill
District 77 Organizes Inver Grove Hyundai
Pennsylvania Auto Techs Choose IAM

October 3, 2002
Buffenbarger Prods Senate Dems on Jobs

Transpo Unions Demand Airline Worker Aid
Key States Set to End Voter Registration
GOP ‘Courts’ NJ Senate Seat
New Benefit for IAM Retirees
Midwest Territory Staff Changes

October 1, 2002
Voter Turnout Key to Victory
Absentee Ballots Can Tip Close Races
Drug Industry Targets Maine Bill
Mark Your Calendars
IAM Joins Fray at Washington Post
Guide Dogs Gala Slated
Cubic Worldwide Members Win First Contract
ATA Gets Conditional OK From ATSB
New Bidder Emerges for US Airways