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October 28, 2004
Making Jobs an Election Issue
Respect is Key in Richmond Honda Strike
Americans Worry Over Job Security
Lack of Sick Leave Compounds Flu Vaccine Shortage

October 26, 2004

Jobs Worth Fighting For Kicks Off in Maine
IAM Asks Court to Reconsider US Airways Relief
United to Outsource Reservation Jobs
Federal Workers Oppose Rigged Bidding Process
Guide Dogs of America Scores $15,000 Donation

Members Okay New Contract at Rivera Concepts

October 21, 2004

Negotiations Begin at Pratt & Whitney
Workers Warm to Kerry’s Stand on Safety Regs
Missouri CEO’s Invest in Outsourcing
IAM Welcomes Stanislaus National Forest Employees
Oil Prices Hit Record High

Kansas City Members Awarded 50-Year Certificates

Southern Territory Welcomes Jeff Smith



October 19, 2004

Buffenbarger Slams Outsourcing as ‘Economic Terrorism’

Judge Orders Cuts at US Airways

IAM Members Vote to End St. Louis Strike

High Price of Healthcare Spurs Tragedy

Bush Ignored Flu Vaccine Warning

Outsourcing to Cost 400,000 U.S. Jobs in 2004

October 14, 2004
Kerry Defends U.S. Jobs in Third Debate
Bush Civil Rights Record Shelved
Economists Urge Increase In Minimum Wage
District 190 Wins Big Arbitration Award
Corporate Tax Bill Moves Through Senate


October 12, 2004

Congress Keeps 767 Tanker Option Alive
Job Growth Remains Weak
Final Presidential Debate to Focus On Domestic Issues
IAM Members Devastated in Florida’s Hurricanes
Kerry Plans Crackdown on Corporate Loopholes


October 7, 2004
Attack on Airbus Subsidies: ‘Too Little, Too Late’
Millions Watch Edwards-Cheney Debate
Help Protect U.S. Shipbuilding Jobs
A House Out of Order
September Layoffs Reach Eight Month High
IAM Contract Protects Retiree Health Benefits
New Mexico Local 2515 Ratifies Contract



October 5, 2004
IAM Wins US Airways Airbus Arbitration
Voter Registration Soars, Early Voting Begins
Debating the Debates
Workers at Two Wisconsin Locations Go IAM
Card Check Recognition Under Attack
Reserve Now for Guide Dogs Charity Events