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September 30, 2003
California Countdown Continues
Rail Talks Resume
Help End Lockout at Standard-Knapp
Maytag Layoffs Begin
Global Intermodal Employees Choose IAM

U.S. Census Bureau: 43.6 Million Uninsured

September 25, 2003
Unions Support IAM in US Airways Dispute
Poll Shows Lagging Economy Hurts Bush
Wesley Clark Unveils Jobs Plan
Aviation Bill Stalls Over Tower Privatization
UAW, Big Three Agree

IAM Backs CLC Boycott of Rol-Land Farms
Union Plus Scholarship Forms Available

September 23, 2003
IAM Suspends Local Union Officials
House Votes to Take Amtrak to Brink of Shutdown
Unions Vow to Oppose WTO Agenda
Determined Anago Workers Choose Machinists
Texas Jobs Program Wins $1.2 Million Grant

Hurricane Isabel Among the 10 Worst

September 18, 2003
AFL-CIO Ads Target Overtime Pay
IAM Members at Orpack-Stone Win New Pact

Housing Costs Outpace Inflation, Wages

TWA Machinists Honored

September 16, 2003
Railroad Machinists Reject Contract, Vote to Strike
Bush Urged to Fix Manufacturing Crisis

IAM Member Wins Top Safety Award

Steel Tariffs Save JOBS!
IAM Organizing Win in South Carolina
Last Call for EAP/Community Services Class

September 11, 2003
Aerospace Conference Takes to the Streets
Senate Bushwhacks Overtime Ploy
Poll: Public Gives Unions High Marks

Strike Support at Standard-Knapp
Mart Names Minnich Special Assistant
IAM Video has a New Look!

September 4, 2003
Bush’s Labor Day Insult
Pressure Builds to Dump Bush Overtime Rule
Study Shows Widespread Union Benefits
IAM Joins Ford Techs in Class Action Suit
NY Senator Introduces Union Rights Bill
The 100 Percent Solution
Photo Contest Winners Announced

September 2, 2003
Bush Orders Manufacturing ‘Czar’
Fight to Preserve OT Pay Gets Underway
Grow Kansas Campaign Launched
Kentucky Auto Techs Win Pension, Health Benefits
GOP Farms-Out Fund Raising to India