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September 30, 2004

Seniors Sock it to Bush
Congress Tells UAL to Pay Pensions
Bush Plan Cuts Retirement Income by 20%
Wisconsin Workers Move to Stop Outsourcing
IAM Welcomes Bayshore Bus Workers
Organizing Wins in Western Territory
Buy Union Goes into Cyberspace
Winpisinger Center Releases 2005 Enrollment Info

September 28, 2004

IAM Delegates Put AFL-CIO on Notice
Bankruptcy Court Rejects UAL Propaganda Brief
EPI: Unemployment Benefit “Exhaustion Rate” at 63-Year High
US Airways Seeks Temporary Cuts
Seniors Rally for Affordable Drugs
Maytag Contract Ratified
Michigan Auto Techs Win First Agreement
Sweet Victory for Sweet-N-Low Workers

September 16, 2004

Grand Lodge Convention to Open Sept. 19
IAM Calls on Congress to Protect U.S. Pensions
Maytag Closes Galesburg Plant
Greyhound Repair Techs Reach National Pact
Outsourcing Fuels Marine One Helicopter Debate
District 90 Scores Automotive Win
Health Costs Rise for Fourth Straight Year
Gross Domestic Product Slows

September 14, 2004

Local 774 Ratifies Contract for 4,300 at Cessna
US Airways’ Management Declares Bankruptcy
FDA Threatens States Over Drug Importation
Job Displacement Reaches Crisis Levels
My Vote, My Right
IAM Member Sworn in as Florida Mayor
The IAM Has a Better Idea for Ford

September 9, 2004

Cessna Employees Rally To Support Negotiators
Misgivings Over Mexican Maytags
Winchester Slammed for Closing Ammo Plant
Unions Act Against China Currency Scam
Bush Threatens Veto of Overtime Rules
Greenspan Targets Social Security Benefits
GAO Says Bush Medicare Official Should Pay
‘American Jobs’ Film to Premier on Sept. 13

September 7, 2004

Local 2063 Hosts Jobs Rally
AFL-CIO Union Members Walk the Walk
Canadian Correctional Officers Affiliate With IAM
Strike Ends In Victory At Ogden Chevrolet
Fletcher Jones Eats Crow
Muevete, El Futuro is Now!
Health Care Ranked Number One in IAM Survey

September 2, 2004

Defense Department Targets Union Rights
Join the IAM Campaign to Save Pensions
District 140 Issues Solidarity Call
Labor Rallies at GOP Convention
Pratt & Whitney Cancer Probe Update
Another Zig Zag for Zell
Local 2461 Ratifies New Agreement
New Website Features Union Made Products