The tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, has created economic ripples that are beginning to affect hundreds of thousands of American workers. Many companies have announced they are downsizing and cutting employees. If you think you may be laid off, or if you already have been, you may find the web links and suggestions on this page to be a valuable resource. 

Things to do if you're facing a layoff
A list of things you need to do right away if your company has handed you a pink slip.
When the paycheck stops
A comprehensive website from the AFL-CIO will help you survive hard times on the best possible terms. Some of the best strategies, techniques and tools are compiled here.
Help for the economic fallout
A range of assistance is available for the survivors of the September 11 terrorist attacks as well as for the families of those killed and for workers facing unemployment because of the economic fallout of the disasters.
Coping with the tragedy and the layoff 
Like many Americans, the events of September 11 combined with your layoff have a profound impact on you and your family. The AFL-CIO has put together a list of internet resources that may help.

Determining your unemployment benefits
An online unemployment insurance calculator from the Economic Policy Institute determines benefit amounts for every state in the country.

Health Care
Virtually all IAM members displaced because of the economic downturn and September 11th terrorist attack are eligible for health insurance continuation under their group health plan.  In most cases employees have to pay for this coverage under the provision of COBRA.  If you don't have COBRA rights, or if you want to see how your COBRA rates compare to other health plans available in your area, go to  This is a comprehensive service provided at no charge.