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  • JANUARY - First Place - Crankin’ It Up!<br />Benjamin Castic, Local Lodge 41, Southside Machine Works, St. Louis, MO<br />Robert Eddleman, wearing his safety harness, machines a crank shaft on a vertical boring mill.<br /> width:640;;height:426
  • FEBRUARY - Second Place - A Misty Morning Departure<br />Peter Ng, Local Lodge 764, Air Canada, Richmond, BC<br />Jazz ground crew members Peter Richardson and Dean Storey dispatch a Dash 8 aircraft at Vancouver Airport.<br /> width:640;;height:425
  • MARCH - Third Place - Maintaining A Supersonic Jet Trainer<br />Terry Wasson, Local Lodge 898, DenMar Services, Vance AFB, OK<br />Charles McPhail repairs rivets on a T-38 Talon Boat Tail.<br /> width:640;;height:460
  • APRIL – Honorable Mention - Service with a Smile at 37,000 feet<br />John Rankin, Local Lodge 2339H, Continental Airlines, Houston, TX<br />Flight Attendant LeKisha Hartmann pours a cup of coffee for passenger Ron Campbell.<br /> width:321;;height:480
  • MAY – Honorable Mention - Seniority Gets You the Big Jobs<br />Bonnie Polster, Local Lodge 1260, Amerequip Corporation, Kiel, WI<br />John Skahen, a 23-year member, assembles an industrial-sized John Deere backhoe.<br /> width:640;;height:480
  • JUNE – Honorable Mention - UH-60 Recovery Trailer Demonstration<br />David B. Cummins, Local Lodge 2003, Army Fleet Support, Fort Rucker, AL<br />Union Steward James T. Waters examines the placement of a UH-60 Aircraft during the initial testing of a prototype recovery trailer.<br /> width:363;;height:480
  • JULY – Honorable Mention - Robot Repair<br />Stéphane Champagne, Local Lodge 2727, Kraft Canada, Montreal, QC<br />Mechanics René Palin and Remi Garon change a robotic arm on production equipment.<br /> width:640;;height:425
  • AUGUST – Honorable Mention - Warta Wands<br />Donald Peterson, Local Lodge 1487, United Airlines, O’Hare Airport, Chicago, IL<br />On the last arrival of the night, Dan Warta and Mike Salerno show the proper procedure for receiving an aircraft.<br /> width:640;;height:443
  • SEPTEMBER – Honorable Mention - Attention to Detail<br />Larry W. Wilson, Local Lodge 733, Hawker Beechcraft, Wichita, KS<br />Kim Phan wipes away foreign objects around the gas cap prior to the plane going to paint.<br /> width:640;;height:429
  • OCTOBER – Honorable Mention - Backbone of America<br />Carl Root, Local Lodge 447<br />New England Motor Freight, Cincinnati, OH<br /> width:640;;height:425
  • NOVEMBER – Honorable Mention - Rigging the Shell<br />Josh LeMay, Local Lodge 31, Omaha Public Power District, Omaha, NE<br />Journeyman Andy Frye riggs a turbine shell at OPPD’s North Omaha Station.<br /> width:640;;height:360
  • DECEMBER – Honorable Mention - The Big Picture<br />John Keisler, Local Lodge 47, Stolle Machinery, Centennial, CO<br />Jim McCormick machines a decorator frame on a BN-25A. The decorator prints the logo and design on soda cans, up to 2,000 cans per minute. Stolle manufactures can-making machinery for use all over the world.<br /> width:640;;height:426
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