2013 IAM Photo Contest Winners

First Place - Building the Gearbox  Local 31 Journeyman John Stroy and Apprentice Kirk Allen rebuild a coal mill gearbox at the Omaha Power District’s North Station. Photographed by Michael Milledge, Local Lodge 31, Omaha Public Power District, Omaha, NE : 1-23-12 Second Place - Measuring Tree Diameter  Timber Sale Administrator and Local 251 Steward Teresa Streuli measures a Sitka Spruce tree on the Petersburg Ranger District of the Tongass National Forest, Alaska Region.  Photoghraphed by Ken Dinsmore, NFFE/IAM Federal Lodge 251, US Forest Service, Sitka, AK Third Place - 737 Engine Buildup  Local 751A members Javier Flores and Shiree Springfield work on a Boeing 737 engine in the Propulsion Systems Division in Renton, WA.  Photographed by Connie Kelliher, Local Lodge 751F, The Boeing Co., Renton, WA Honorable Mention - Got It Ironed Out  Local 1943 member Phil Banks takes a temperature probe of the 2,700 degree molten iron coming from a blast furnace at the AK Steel Middletown Works.  Photographed by Andrew Hounshell, Local Lodge 1943, AK Steel, West Chester, OH Honorable Mention - Precision Routing  Local 733 member Marsha Crawford operates an NC router to mill precision holes for installation on aircraft.  Photographed by Larry Wilson, Local Lodge 733, Beechcraft Corp., Wichita, KS Honorable Mention - Keep ‘em Coming  Local 174 member Mary Robin Taylor prepares bundles of currency for unwrapping, final inspection and re-wrapping prior to shipping.  Photographed by Andy Moad, Local Lodge 174, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Fort Worth, TX
Honorable Mention - Safe Landing Takes Teamwork  From left, Local 905 members Dan Myall, Chris Galt and Scott Masterton put the final touches on a 787 Dreamliner main landing gear.  Photographed by Leonard Yeung, Local Lodge 905, Messier-Dowty, Inc., Ajax, ON, Canada Honorable Mention - Safety Check  Local 1782 member Moacyr Da Costa Neto completes a safety check and communicates with the flight crew to prepare for dispatch.  Photographed by Eric Valverde, Local Lodge 1782, United Airlines, San Jose Airport, San Jose, CA Honorable Mention - Seattle Tie-Down Clerk  TCU Local 1223 member Gerard Chinn at work at the Union Pacific Railroad’s Intermodal Facility in Seattle, WA.  Photographed by Robert Ragland, TCU Unit 106, Omaha, NE Honorable Mention - Hard at Work at 25,000 Feet  Local 2339H member Carmen Estrella serves passengers with a smile.  Photographed by Carmen Estrella, Local Lodge 2339H, ExpressJet Airlines, Houston, TX Honorable Mention - Installing a CFM56-5B onto an Airbus A319  From left, Local 1725 US Airways Line Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Bob Sechrist, Bryant Campbell (partially visible), Dennis Jones and Don Omer install a CFM56-5B High Bypass Turbine Engine into the No. 2 position on an Airbus A319 aircraft.  Photohraphed by Scott Orloff, Local Lodge 1725, US Airways, Charlotte, NC Honorable Mention - Not Such a Hard Day’s Work for Santa and Mrs. Claus  Local 1045 members Henry and Janet Ricke work on a Saturday to spread the Christmas spirit to Snap-On Tools’ families.  Photographed by Karen Meurer, Local Lodge 1045, Snap-On Tools Corp., Algona, IA