Bill Rudis

Grand Lodge Representative

Bill Rudis was initiated into Local Lodge 1746 in 1968, and worked in the Experimental Departments of Power Systems Division, South Windsor, Connecticut and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford, Connecticut. He served as Shop Steward from 1974 to 1980. Bill served as Local Lodge President, Chairperson and member of the Negotiating Committee. In 1985, Bill was elected to the position of Labor Representative in District Lodge 91 and also served as delegate and vice president of the Connecticut State Council of Machinists, Vice President and President of the Greater Hartford Labor Council and Connecticut State AFL/CIO, Vice President.

Bill served as the Eastern Territory National Labor Relations Board Representative from September 1990 through July 2001.

Bill has served as a Board Member to Kaiser Health Plan of Connecticut, United Way of the Capitol Area, United Labor Agency North-East Central and Connecticut Health Maintenance Organization. Bill also serves as a Democratic Town Committee Member.

His current assignment is organizing in upstate  CT, RI,  Districts 26, and NLRB support for the Eastern Regional Office.