Joe Stassi

Joseph Stassi was initiated into Local Lodge 914 in Newark, NJ, in 1990 as a United Airlines ramp serviceman. Stassi transferred to Local Lodge 1886 and then to Local Lodge 2508 in Orlando, FL, in 2000. Stassi has held the positions of Shop Steward, Union Awareness Instructor, Ramp Committee, the Grievance Committee Chairman, Trustee, and Local Lodge President. In 2012, Stassi was named District Lodge 141 Organizing Director he led the successful Spirit Airlines organizing drive for the fleet service employees. Stassi was also instrumental in several other organizing campaigns. In 2014, Stassi was appointed Special Representative to the Air Transport Territory and later elevated to Grand Lodge Representative. 

Stassi holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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