Kevin Cummings

Brother Cummings is a precision Mold Maker by trade, serving an apprenticeship under the Teamsters in Detroit. He joined the IAM in 1988, when he hired into McDonnell Douglas as a Tooling Inspector. Kevin served Local 2025 as Steward, Safety Representative, negotiating team member specializing in job studies, Recording Secretary and President. He also served as District 725 delegate, where he was on the Stewards’ Education, Safety and Legislative committees. Kevin was assigned by former District 725 P/DBR Calvin Duncan to work full-time as liaison to McDonnell Douglas / Boeing on classification and workplace improvement issues.

Kevin has conducted seminars and workshops for associations and institutions such as the NLRB, Aerospace Manufacturing Association, and several universities such as North Texas State, Oregon State, Long Beach (CA) State and Pepperdine, on issues related to Labor-Management relations. He has presented to several California state legislative committees on the topics of attracting jobs, government funding for training programs and the urban blight that occurs when large corporations leave a community. Kevin serves on the California Community College Advisory Board for Workforce and Education and Development.

Kevin was brought onto the Grand Lodge staff in 1999 as the Communications Representative for the Western Territory. In September of 2007, Kevin was assigned the responsibilities of Special Representative for the Grand Lodge, serving Alaska, Washington and Montana. Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the National Labor College and is currently working on his Masters’ Degree in Organization Development through the NLC and American University. On April 1, 2009, Kevin was promoted to Grand Lodge Representative.