Mark Blondin

Mark Blondin joined the IAM in 1978 while working at an IAM-represented machine shop in Seattle.  On October 1, 2018, Blondin was reassigned to serve the IAM as General Vice President of the Aerospace Department.

Blondin hired on at the Boeing Company in 1979, working as a Toolmaker at the Renton facility. As an active member of IAM Local 751C, he held numerous Local Lodge positions through the years, including Shop Steward, Auditor, Trustee, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Vice President and Delegate to the District Council. Blondin has always been a champion for workplace health and safety and served for many years on the Renton Site Safety Committee.

In 1996, Blondin was elected as a Business Representative for District 751, and in 2000 he was elected President and Directing Business Representative. Blondin held the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the Washington State Machinists Council. Blondin was also elected to the IAM Law Committee and served during the 2004 Grand Lodge Convention in Cincinnati.

Blondin was assigned as an IAM Aerospace Coordinator in 2007, with the primary responsibility of negotiating all agreements between the IAM and Boeing throughout the United States and Canada. He served as Chief IAM negotiator for all IAM/Boeing contracts until he joined the Executive Council in January 2012 as General Vice President of the Aerospace Territory. On July 1, 2013, Blondin was assigned to lead the Southern Territory, covering 14 states as well as the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico with collective bargaining agreements covering nearly 100,000 workers.

Blondin served as the General Vice President of the Southern Territory from 2013 until September 2018.

Blondin assists the community as a board member and fundraiser for the Guide Dogs of America, the Salvation Army, and Victims Support Services, a non-profit advocacy group for victims of violent crimes.


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