FST Forms

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RR = Railroad

SS = Social Security

2017 FST Forms                                                                                                              General Forms

2017 Railroad Retirement Earnings and Tax Rates                                                 Change of Address

2017 SS Tax Rate Notice                                                                                              Name Change

2017 Audit OE-1a (RR Lodges)                                                                                    Report of Death

2017 Audit OE-1a Extended (RR Lodges)                                                                  Report of Retirement

2017 Audit Only (SS Lodges)                                                                                       Supply Requisition

2017 Audit Only Extended (SS Lodges)                                                                     Expense Report

2017 Cashbook RR                                                                                                        Expense Report with Formulas

2017 Cashbook RR Extended                                                                                      Lost Wages Report

2017 Cashbook SS                                                                                                        Lost Wages Report with Formulas

2017 Cashbook SS Extended                                                                                      Disbursement Voucher

2017 IRS Mileage Rate        

2017 TCU OE-1a Forms        

2017 TCU OE-1a Forms Extended        

2017 Tax Worksheet – RR Retirement

2017 Tax Worksheet – RR Retirement with Formulas  

2017 Tax Worksheet – SS     

2017 Tax Worksheet – SS with Formulas   

TCU Collection Sheet

TCU Collection Sheet With Formulas

TCU FST Financial Report

TCU FST Financial Report with Formulas




2016 FST Forms

2016 Railroad Retirement Earnings and Tax Rates                                                

2016 SS Tax Rate Notice                                                                                          

2016 Audit OE-1a (RR Lodges)                                                                                 

2016 Audit OE-1a Extended (RR Lodges)                                                                

2016 Audit Only (SS Lodges)

2016 Audit Only Extended (SS Lodges)         

2016 Cashbook RR         

2016 Cashbook RR Extended         

2016 Cashbook SS         

2016 Cashbook SS Extended         

2016 Federal Withholding Sheet         

2016 IRS Mileage Rate        

2016 TCU OE-1a Forms        

2016 TCU OE-1a Forms Extended        

2016 Tax Worksheet – RR Retirement        

2016 Tax Worksheet – SS