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Newsletter Award entries are judged on Layout & Design, Best Feature and General Excellence. Local lodges and Districts are judged separately.

Past Winners

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2003 Winners

2002 Winners

2001 Winners

Local Newsletters Best Layout & Design

First Place—Local Lodge 1781, Trade Winds,
Editors: Brenda Desjardins and Carl Finamore
Airy, easy to read and inviting.

Second Place—Local Lodge 700, Compass,
Editor: Robert Brzozowski
Well-done, simple and clean.

Third Place—Local Lodge 66, Badger Lodge News,
Editor: Doug Curler
Reader-friendly, nicely presented.

Local Newsletters Best Feature

First Place—Local Lodge 2319, The Ledger,
Editor: Bob Grier
“Common Sense Revisited,” Far and away the best. This three-part series required extensive research and maintained its smooth writing throughout.

Second Place—Local Lodge 1759 Fly Paper,
Editor: Greg Butler
“Influence Peddling,” Great anecdotal lead into a thoughtful, well-reasoned essay on corporate influence over daily life in America.

Third Place—Local Lodge 1781, Tradewinds,
Editors: Brenda Desjardins and Carl Finamore,
“The Human Face of Concessions.”
Effective comparison between the economic situation of US Airways executives and union member Jensen Chun. Particularly stunning to learn that hourly wages for Brother Chun had actually declined by $1.38 cents over the past 20 years.

Honorable Mention—Local Lodge 2330, IAM News and Views,
Editor: Alice Deighan,
“My Journey”
Straightforward and thoughtful account of trip to IAM WWW Center.

Honorable Mention—Local Lodge 1227, The Fighting Machinists,
Editor: Dennis Rock,
“Community Corner”An interesting and thorough tour through the local historical society’s collection. Different and that’s what makes it such a good read.

Local Newsletters General Excellence

First Place—Local Lodge 712 Journal Union 712,
Editor: Gilles Samson
Careful attention to member concerns, bilingual and full of practical information. Hits all the important bases of the union’s functions.

Second Place—Local Lodge 66, Badger Lodge News,
Editor: Doug Curler
Simple, no frills, clean and neat. Very readable and inviting. Well-organized and attentive to member concerns.

Third Place—Local Lodge 2319, The Ledger,
Editor: Bob Grier
Not flashy, but impressive nonetheless. Writing is direct. Clear advocate of IAM issues. Items are short, to the point.

Honorable Mention—Local Lodge 141, The Transporter, Editor: Larry Webb
Fresh and classy look

Honorable Mention—Local Lodge 2061, The Gantry,
Editor: Karen Houston
Breezy and easy reading. Nicely formatted, original and clever writing.



George Kourpias Award
Mark Shields

Robert Kalaski Award
Joe Tiberi
Frank Larkin

Editors Award
Local Lodge 743, Union News
Local Lodge 104, Machinist United
LL W157, Woodworkers Report

Web Steward Award
LL 733
Wichita, Kansas
LL 1746-A
Marion,Connecticut LL 2727
Le Gardeur, Quebec