Fall 2008
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During the days of the Republican-controlled Congress, GOP-insiders replaced the open debating and crafting of legislation with midnight votes and backroom deals.
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The United States Senate is the world’s most exclusive club. In a nation of 300 million people, 84 men and 16 women make the most critical decisions about our future.More >>>


History and Democracy Guide 37th Convention

Machinists moved quickly to help fellow members across Texas and the Gulf Coast who were battered by Hurricane Ike. With more than 8,000 members in the path of the
Category 2 storm, the impact was greater than Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005.

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From the moment the 37th Grand
Lodge Convention was called to order
on September 7, 2008 to the dramatic closing ceremony six days later, each
one of the 1,466 elected delegates knew they would make history.
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Key Senate Races

Obama VS McCain
Working families have a chance to end the GOP Senate minority’s chokehold on legislation and rebuild America’s middle class. Democrats currently hold a slim 51-49 voting advantage in the Senate...
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Barack Obama has pledged to fight for
the interests of working families.
His distinguished career suggests he will make good on that promise...

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Close House Races

2008 IAM Scholorship Winners

Democrats currently hold a 37-seat advantage in the House of Representatives. Political analysts are predicting Democrats will extend their advantage, paving the way for more worker-friendly legislation in the 111th Congress.
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The scholarship competition is
open each year to IAM members
and their children throughout the
United States and Canada. Here is this years list of winners.
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TCU Transportation

A delegation from TCU was warmly welcomed at the Machinists Union’s 37th Grand Lodge Convention in Orlando, FL. TCU President Scardelletti addressed the Convention delegates, describing TCU’s membership, its
goals, and the steps that brought TCU to its affiliation toward merger with the Machinists...

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Shareholders at Northwest Airlines
may have said “I do” to a shotgun marriage with Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, but IAM members at Northwest are warning of major problems if the merger is consummated as planned...
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2008 Photo Contest Winners
IAM members in Kansas, Oregon, California and Washington state shut down commercial aircraft production at the nation’s largest
plane maker when they refused to accept a contract that failed to address their number one concern:
job security.

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Contest winners are featured in the 2009 IAM Calendar.
For a complete list of winners visit www.goiam.org.
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Watching Out For You...Now and In The Future.
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