Dear IAM Sisters and Brothers:

 We are all suffering from the shock and incredible devastation from the events that occurred September 11, 2001. 

Even through the hardships and sorrows that we have all encountered, we still notice that the American spirit is invincible as reflected by the charitable acts performed by members of our Organization.   Our members are working as volunteers on the sites, taking part in the clean up effort, donating blood and making their services available to anyone requiring assistance.

 We know that our members can always be counted on as the first to respond in giving aid, support and financial help to those in their time of need.   Therefore, I know there will be an overwhelming response to our request at this time for financial donations. 

A special account has been set up through the Community Services Department, and we request that you contribute.   Please make your check payable to the IAM 9 11 Disaster Relief Fund.   The money collected will be donated to the relief efforts of our members and their families who are directly affected by this tragic event.

 Our brothers and sisters have endured horrific duress, and in this time they really need our help.  I know that you will be quick to respond so that we can show our dedication to these members.

 If you have any question, please contact Maria Cordone, Director of Community Services and Retirees Department at (301) 967-3433.

In solidarity,

R. Thomas Buffenbarger
International President
Donald E. Wharton
General Secretary-Treasurer

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