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Local 831 Strikers Picket Quaker Oats 
Strikers from LL 831 staged an informational picket at the annual stockholders' meeting in Chicago. 

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Friday, May 18,  2001

Union Seeks Countdown At United Airlines
Dismissing company proposals as insulting and calling further negotiations pointless, the IAM negotiating committee for 30,000 United Airlines employees called for a release from mediated negotiations and began preparing members for a 30-day countdown and possible strike.

“It is senseless to meet with company representatives who deliberately play the system for every ounce of delay,” said Randy Canale, IAM District 141 president and lead negotiator for Customer Service, Ramp, Reservations, Food Service, Security Guards and Stores employees. “United is treating its employees the same way it treats passengers – promoting high expectations and delivering nothing.”

District 141 notified the National Mediation Board (NMB) that negotiations had reached an impasse on numerous issues. “Besides wages, United has an obligation to deliver on all the promises it made seven years ago when we took deep cuts to rebuild this airline. That includes industry leading pensions, job security and health benefits.”

“We will not stand by silently while United makes large aircraft purchases, expands regional jet service and promotes multi-billion dollar acquisition proposals,” said Canale. “We have done our part – we have built the most successful airline in the world and we expect a share of that success.”

The 30,000 members of District 141 now join 15,000 mechanic and related employees at United who requested a release from the NMB on November 7, 2000. Both districts began negotiations with United Airlines management in December 1999. 

“We hope the NMB will act quickly on our request,” said Canale. “While airline negotiations are lengthy by nature, it would be in the best interest of United’s passengers, shareholders and employees if this process moves forward. Whatever United gains by delay, is invariably undone by the damage to employee morale.”

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