Politics and Legislation

‘Full Employment Caucus’ Looks to Tackle Unemployment

Tue. February 04, 2014

U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson says everyone on her street had a job when she was a little girl growing up in 1950s Miami.

Two House Bills Threaten 6.5 Million Workers’ Health Care Coverage

Tue. February 04, 2014

The IAM joins labor in strongly opposing two bills that seek to increase the threshold at which employers are required to either offer health care coverage or pay a penalty under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Obama Lauds Wisconsin Local 1377 Worker Training at GE Energy

Thu. January 30, 2014

GE Energy and IAM District 10, Local 1377, hosted President Barack Obama at the GE facility in Waukesha, WI, Thursday.

Labor Unions Crowd Pennsylvania Capitol Over Right to Work Bill

Thu. January 30, 2014

Nearly 600 IAM public-sector members, other union members, supporters and Democratic lawmakers in Pennsylvania are preparing for a full-on strike against new legislation to defund unions representing state, school district and municipal employees.

Every Public Employee Should Be Watching This Supreme Court Case

Thu. January 30, 2014

The livelihood of public employees is at stake in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The court recently heard arguments in Harris v. Quinn, a case that questions whether public employees who benefit from union representation can be required to share the costs of collective bargaining.

Reich: Higher Minimum Wage Equals Lower Income Inequality

Tue. January 28, 2014

Leveling out the distribution of wealth in the United State is going to take years, said former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich to a joint congressional committee, but increasing the minimum wage is a great place to start.

Unemployment Benefit Extension Bill Remains at Standstill

Tue. January 28, 2014

In an effort to help some 1.3 million unemployed Americans tread water in these difficult times, Democrats returned to Washington this week armed with stories from unemployed Americans in their home states who were dropped from the federal unemployment benefit rolls on December 28, 2013. Congress neglected to extend the benefits leaving the 1.3 million out in the cold.

Congress Introduces Bill to Update 1965 Voting Rights Act

Thu. January 23, 2014

When the Supreme Court overturned critical portions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in June of last year, it kicked the responsibility of replacement legislation to one of the least-productive Congresses in recent history.

IAM, NY Labor Leaders Rally Against ‘Fast Track’ Trade Deal

Thu. January 23, 2014

IAM Directing Business Representative Jim Conigliaro, Sr., of District 15 in New York, joined fellow New York labor leaders and local state Congressmen in a blistering snowstorm as they rallied against the recent introduction of “fast track” legislation in the U.S. Congress.

IAM Shipbuilders, Federal Workers See Gains in Spending Bill

Tue. January 21, 2014

A $100 million allocation for a fifth DDG-51 destroyer at Bath Iron Works (BIW) and a one percent pay raise for blue-collar NFFE-IAM and other federal members were among the spending items included in a $1.1 trillion omnibus appropriations bill passed in the House and Senate last week.

IAM Charges Fast Track Authority Bill Leaves U.S. Workers Out in the Cold

Thu. January 09, 2014

While ignoring the desperate plight of 1.3 million Americans who recently lost unemployment benefits, Congress today introduced a Fast Track bill that would subject the secretly-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement to a straight up or down vote by Congress. 

Jobless Benefit Extension Passes Key Hurdle in Senate

Tue. January 07, 2014

A bill to extend federal unemployment insurance benefits for an estimated 1.3 million jobless Americans has passed a critical test vote in the Senate.

Take action now by clicking here. Send your Senators and Representative a letter telling them to extend federal unemployment benefits today.

Solomon and de la Fuente to Lead Legislative and Political Department

Thu. April 11, 2013

IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger has announced that Assistant Legislative and Political Action Department Directors Hasan Solomon and Rick de la Fuente will lead the Legislative and Politics Department as co-directors.