RSS Feeds with GoIAM 4.0 couldn’t be easier.  Any category or tag listed on our site can be turned into a feed simply by adding /feed/ after the address.

For example: iMail – https://www.goiam.org/news/imail/ is the address for the iMail page.  To turn this into a feed add feed/ to the end and you should see https://www.goiam.org/news/imail/feed/

Locating Categories and Tag on GoIAM 4.0
Categories are how GoIAM 4.0 keeps articles in specific sections. For each section you see, there is a category tied to it. Still unsure of where to find the category take a look at the image below. Every article has categories displayed at the top of the article.
Tags are can be considered a sub grouping. Not necessarily tied to categories, tags are individual and allow further content grouping to focus on articles you want to view. Tags are located at the bottom of each article view the image for an example.

Here are our top RSS Feeds – 

iMailhttps://www.goiam.org/news/imail/feed/ or http://feeds.feedburner.com/new-imail

Newshttps://www.goiam.org/news/feed/ or http://feeds.feedburner.com/iamnews-new

Press Releaseshttps://www.goiam.org/press-releases/feed/ or http://feeds.feedburner.com/goiam-pr-new

We also recommend using Feedburner – this is a feed aggregation by Google that allows you to manage all your RSS feeds in one place.  They have several tools to help edit, expand, and share your feeds.