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  • Built Girl Tough: Local 701 Auto Mechanic Follows Her Dream

    Kittra Headtke is a forklift mechanic at Equipment Depot in Illinois and a proud member of IAM Local Lodge 701. She loves the career she chose but admits it wasn’t easy getting here.          

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  • Clayton Grover – A Shipyard Legend

    Meet Mister Clayton Grover. He was known to many in the shipyard as “the man.” Clayton worked at Bath Iron Works in Maine for nearly 67 years. On Friday, October 4, 2019, Mr. Grover passed away. His legacy lives on in the shipyard.

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  • Julie Eaton: We Matter Too

    Julie Eaton has been harvesting the sea for 34 years. It’s what she loves, it’s who she is. But newly proposed regulations, from NOAA, protecting the right whale has her worried about being forced out of business and a livelihood her family has relied on for generations.

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  • Save Our Future!

    Thomas McGuire speaks out about newly proposed federal regulations that will affect the survival of the Maine lobster industry and the livelihood of their communities.

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