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  • IAM, Labor Allies Warn of Commission Aimed at Slashing Social Security, Medicare

    U.S. Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) was joined by labor leaders at the U.S. Capitol to oppose the Fiscal Commission Act, legislation that would create a shady “fiscal commission” with the power to make quick cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Former IAM General Vice President and current Alliance for Retired Americans President, Robert Roach, also

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  • IAM Delta Campaign Celebrates Black History Month: T.O. Jones of the Memphis Sanitation Strike

    Amanda Goodman Berry, a Delta Air Lines worker who is helping to organize workers into the IAM, celebrates Black History Month by discussing the life of Thomas “T.O.” Oliver Jones, a union organizer who helped lead the iconic Memphis Sanitation Strike that was championed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

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  • Elected Officials Meet with Washington State Machinists

    The Washington State Council of Machinists recently met in Olympia, Wash., for a political and legislative conference, one of four scheduled this year. Political candidates from around the state spoke to IAM members about their labor agendas. Machinists also lobbied inside the state capitol and pushed for legislation expanding labor protection, union organizing and workers’

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  • Sen. Sherrod Brown Visits Local 1363 Auto Mechanics Standing Strong for Fair Contract

    For six weeks, highly trained IAM Local 1363 automotive mechanics in suburban Cleveland, have been on strike at Valley Ford Truck after the company’s poor contract offer included retirement cuts and reduced work hours. Union members there, despite freezing weather and a recent snowstorm, continue to man the picket line in hopes of a fair

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