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  • Call A Vote Rally

    The Machinists joined several unions protesting a Senatorial retreat inside Nationals Stadium in Washington, D.C., demanding that U.S. Senators do their jobs by bringing a vote to the Senate floor to end the government shutdown. Union members rallied January 17 just outside the part of the stadium where the retreat was being held.

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  • Machinists Demand Stop to Shutdown

    The Machinists joined powerful politicians and labor leaders in Washington, DC in a loud robust call for an immediate and full reopening of the federal government. The stifling shutdown has ravaged the lives of 800,000 federal workers and contractors, including IAM members who have middle-class families.  

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  • IAM Leaders Tour Hurricane Ravaged Panhandle

    IAM International President Robert Martinez, Jr. joined Machinists leadership in the Southern Territory for a tour of the weather devastation that was caused by Hurricane Michael in October. The powerful storm included 200 mile an hour winds that ravaged homes owned by IAM members in and around Panama City, FL.  

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  • Federal Workers Speak: Reggie Tolbert

    As anti-worker politicians in Washington, DC wage war against unionized federal workers, NFFE-IAM members are fighting back by sharing their stories about labor’s pride, power and American patriotism. In this video, we meet veteran Reggie Tolbert, an NFFE-IAM member who works at a U.S. Army missile depot in Pennsylvania.  

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