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  • A Family Affair

    For generations of families here in Maine, lobstering has been their lifeline. For the Smith family it’s not only how they earn a living but a way of life.

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  • A Progressive Political Push for Labor

    Key members in the newly Democratic controlled House of Representatives say the powerful political body is unapologetic about its support for organized labor.

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  • The Human Toll of Shutdowns

    Three working women who belong to NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 tell talk about how the federal government shutdown took a toll on their lives and work. The potential for future shutdowns leaves them feeling frustrated, unsettled and angry.

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  • IAM Launches Addiction Services Program

    Vincent “Vinny” Ceraso was recently appointed as Assistant Director of the IAM Employee Assistance Program and will be in charge of IAM Addiction Services. The program was created to help assist members and their families across the IAM struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Vinny is a member of IAM Local Lodge 1776 and has

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