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  • We Are Fighting Machinists

    We are proud to be union machinists.

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  • TCU/IAM Welcomes Back Riders

    Members of the Transportation Communications Union (TCU/IAM) are working hard to make trains safe for passengers across the United States, by sanitizing stations, deep-cleaning bathrooms and providing masks when necessary. A recently-released video highlights the work of these essential members and the dedication they have to the railroad industry. TCU/IAM represents workers on passenger railroads

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  • IP Martinez, GVP Bryant and Maine Elected Officials Rally Striking Local S6 Shipbuilders

    4,300 motivated IAM members at Bath Iron Works in Maine are on strike to protest the company’s excessive use of subcontractors, a practice that undercuts Machinists members at the shipbuilding facility.

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  • The IAM Celebrates 132 Years

    On May 5, 1888 the International Association of Machinists was formed in a railroad pit in Atlanta, GA. Now, 132 years later, the IAM has grown into an organizational leader in labor.

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