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  • IAM Helps Hurricane Victims in Florida

    The International Association of Machinists dispatched its Disaster Services Department to the devastating scene in the Florida Panhandle where Hurricane Michael destroyed neighborhoods and claimed lives.  

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  • Battling Tough Times in Texas

    IAM and NFFE-IAM members who work at Red River Army Depot in Texas are under siege as the U.S. military installation slashes jobs. But as workers face an uncertain future, the IAM is helping members regain their footing.  

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  • Negotiating For Respect

    Respect and equality are two values members of IAM District 947 in California want in a first contract with CARECEN. So, they took the Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committee class at the IAM’s Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, Maryland.

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  • The Lochner Era’s Dangerous Labor Legacy

    Recent nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court have given it an anti-labor ideological leaning. Some legal observers are concerned that the Supreme Court may soon re-embody what scholars call the Lochner Era, a time from 1897 to 1937, when the Court was openly hostile to the vital needs of American workers.  

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