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  • Julie Eaton: We Matter Too

    Julie Eaton has been harvesting the sea for 34 years. It’s what she loves, it’s who she is. But newly proposed regulations, from NOAA, protecting the right whale has her worried about being forced out of business and a livilhood her family has relied on for generations.

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  • Save Our Future!

    Thomas McGuire speaks out about newly proposed federal regulations that will affect the survival of the Maine lobster industry and the livelihood of their communities.

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  • This Is Maine and This Is What We Do

    Newly proposed federal regulations, from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, protecting the endangered right whale, has Mainefishermen worried about the survival of their industry and the livelihood of their communities.

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  • IAM Golf Tournament Raises Money for 2020 Convention

    On Monday August 5th the inaugural IAM International President’s Capital Classic Golf Tournament took place in suburban Washington, DC. About 90 labor union supporters successfully raised tens of thousands of dollars for the 2020 Grand Lodge Convention in San Diego.

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