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Welcome to the Machinists Union! With nearly 700,000 active and retired members, the IAM is one of the largest and most diverse labor unions in North America. From Boeing and Lockheed Martin to United Airlines and Harley-Davidson, you will find IAM members across all walks of life. IAM members demand respect and dignity in the workplace. Together, we have been able to bargain for increased job security, higher wages and improved benefits.

If you are interested in joining the IAM family, you have come to the right place. The IAM is here to help you secure a voice on the job. Contact us for more information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or 301-967-4750.

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You work hard day in and day out. Now, take the first step toward securing higher wages, better benefits, job security and the respect in the workplace you deserve.

Why a Union?
unionyesBy forming a union, workers provide themselves with the opportunity to secure a voice in their workplace and ensure justice on the job. Union members are able to sit down with management as equals and bargain for better workplace conditions. For some, that might be higher wages and better benefits. For others it might be job security or fair treatment. Regardless of your specific needs, the union is here to help. Union members:

  • Earn wages, on average, 27 percent higher than non-union workers.
  • Are 54 percent more likely to have pensions provided by their employer.
  • Are more likely to have employer-provided health insurance benefits.
  • Have greater access to apprenticeships and training opportunities.

For more than 120 years, unions have fought for workers' rights and the benefits so often taken for granted. Benefits like sick pay, leaves of absence, bereavement leave, holidays, vacations, retirement security and healthcare.

Why the IAM?

OrgMainPage IAM Photo 2The IAM is here to help you. We have an experienced and motivated staff of organizing and servicing representatives to lead you through your campaign. We work very hard to maintain our winning record. As an IAM member, you'll have a collective bargaining agreement – a legal document that spells out your workplace conditions and how you are treated on the job. Your collective bargaining agreement will elevate you to an equal footing with your employer and ensure you are treated fairly and your voice is heard.

At the IAM, you will find one of the largest and most experienced unions in North America. You will find Machinists in aerospace, transportation, the federal government, automotive, defense, woodworking and several other industries. We represent workers at companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Freightliner, Tennessee Valley Authority and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

If you’re already in a union, we may be able to help you affiliate with the IAM. Being a part of the large, successful IAM can improve your bargaining power and provide many member-only benefits. Organizations like the Shipbuilders Union, Die Sinkers International Union, Patternmakers Union, International Woodworkers of America, the National Federation of Federal Employees and the Transportation Communications International Union have all joined the IAM family.

The Machinists Union strength can be seen and felt in everything that keeps North America moving. You too can be a part of North America's Might. Call the Organizing Department at (301) 967-4750 or click here to fill out this form so we can contact you. Do it today! Let's get started organizing right away!

Maine Lobstering Union Expands Statewide

Wed. March 05, 2014

A union that began with a few on the island of Vinalhaven has now grown to include members all along Maine's nearly 3,500 mile coastline.  With two legislative victories under its belt, the IAM's Maine Lobstering Union is now headed by Rocky Alley, who hopes to continue the union's growth and influence to help save an industry plagued by low lobster prices and rising costs associated with government regulation and boat maintenance. Some of the newest members of the union are featured in this video.

Local 175 Members ‘Export Freedom’ in Harley-Davidson Commercial

Tue. March 04, 2014

IAM Local 175 members who work at the Harley-Davidson plant in York, PA, were recently featured in a commercial created by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for the Super Bowl.

Good News for IAM Aerospace Members

Tue. March 04, 2014

A pair of developments in the volatile aerospace sector are being hailed for the multi-billion economic effects they bring to members and communities in at least six states.

IAM District 9 Truck Drivers Win Huge Back-Pay Settlement

Thu. February 27, 2014

IAM District 9, Local 777 drivers at Unimark Truck Transport in Bridgeton, MO, have won a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) suit against the company that could net over $1 million in back pay spread across up to 300 members.

NFFE-IAM Calls on Congress to Up Federal Worker Pay

Thu. February 27, 2014

Following reports that the President will propose a one percent pay increase for federal employees in his upcoming budget, William R. Dougan, National President of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE-IAM), says Congress should act to fairly compensate federal workers who deserve more after numerous pay freezes, political attacks and a government shutdown.

Preserving Jobs is First Priority for Missouri Machinists

Tue. February 25, 2014

By a 1,269 to 449 vote, members of District 837 in St. Louis ratified a contract extension with the Boeing Company that provides members with wage increases and an $8,000 signing bonus while improving the company’s ability to attract much-needed new work. District 837 represents nearly 2,400 workers who build the F/A-18 and F-15 fighter planes as well as the EA-18G electronic attack aircraft.

IAM Partners with New Detroit Metals Manufacturing Institute

Tue. February 25, 2014

The IAM is proud to announce its participation as a labor partner in the White House’s newly announced $148 million Defense Department advanced manufacturing institute in Detroit.