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Welcome to the Machinists Union! With nearly 700,000 active and retired members, the IAM is one of the largest and most diverse labor unions in North America. From Boeing and Lockheed Martin to United Airlines and Harley-Davidson, you will find IAM members across all walks of life. IAM members demand respect and dignity in the workplace. Together, we have been able to bargain for increased job security, higher wages and improved benefits.

If you are interested in joining the IAM family, you have come to the right place. The IAM is here to help you secure a voice on the job. Contact us for more information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 301-967-4750.

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Why a Union?

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By forming a union, workers provide themselves with the opportunity to secure a voice in their workplace and ensure justice on the job. Union members are able to sit down with management as equals and bargain for better workplace conditions. For some, that might be higher wages and better benefits. For others it might be job security or fair treatment. Regardless of your specific needs, the union is here to help. Union members:

  • Earn wages, on average, 27 percent higher than non-union workers.
  • Are 54 percent more likely to have pensions provided by their employer.
  • Are more likely to have employer-provided health insurance benefits.
  • Have greater access to apprenticeships and training opportunities.

For more than 120 years, unions have fought for workers' rights and the benefits so often taken for granted. Benefits like sick pay, leaves of absence, bereavement leave, holidays, vacations, retirement security and healthcare.

Why the IAM?

Machinist-Head-Shot OrganizingThe IAM is here to help you. We have an experienced and motivated staff of organizing and servicing representatives to lead you through your campaign. We work very hard to maintain our winning record. As an IAM member, you'll have a collective bargaining agreement – a legal document that spells out your workplace conditions and how you are treated on the job. Your collective bargaining agreement will elevate you to an equal footing with your employer and ensure you are treated fairly and your voice is heard.

At the IAM, you will find one of the largest and most experienced unions in North America. You will find Machinists in aerospace, transportation, the federal government, automotive, defense, woodworking and several other industries. We represent workers at companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Freightliner, Tennessee Valley Authority and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

If you’re already in a union, we may be able to help you affiliate with the IAM. Being a part of the large, successful IAM can improve your bargaining power and provide many member-only benefits. Organizations like the Shipbuilders Union, Die Sinkers International Union, Patternmakers Union, International Woodworkers of America, the National Federation of Federal Employees and the Transportation Communications International Union have all joined the IAM family.

The Machinists Union strength can be seen and felt in everything that keeps North America moving. You too can be a part of North America's Might. Call the Organizing Department at (301) 967-4750 or click here to fill out this form so we can contact you. Do it today! Let's get started organizing right away!

Remembering Fallen Workers

Tue. May 03, 2016

The IAM recently held its annual Workers Memorial ceremony Maryland. This year labor leaders laid almost a dozen bricks, each honoring individual Machinist Union members who died on the job.

Machinists Union Members Approve New Deal at Southwest Airlines

Thu. December 04, 2014

Approximately 6,500 Passenger Service and Reservations Agents at Southwest Airlines have overwhelmingly approved a new contract.

USA Today Report Examines ‘The New Blue Collar’

Tue. December 02, 2014

In case you missed it, USA Today has published a special report on what the news publication is calling “The New Blue Collar.”

Apprenticeships and Skills Training Partnerships Are Key to Economic Future

Thu. November 20, 2014

The U.S. is facing a major skills gap and it’s up to labor, business and the education community to come together to address it, said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger at a recent summit on Career and Technical Education (CTE)/Workforce Development, sponsored by the AFL-CIO and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

IAM Takes First Place For Organizing Wins

Thu. November 13, 2014

The IAM had the highest representation election win rate among the 10 largest U.S. unions in the first six months of 2014, winning over 90 percent of its elections, according to National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) data analyzed by the Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs. AFL-CIO affiliate unions as a whole won two-thirds of elections held in the same time frame.

IAM Scores Organizing Hat Trick in Texas

Thu. October 23, 2014

The Southern Territory this week announced their latest organizing victory for 1,000 mechanics, technicians and maintenance personnel employed by URS at the Red River Army Depot (RRAD) near Texarkana, TX. The win follows a pair of successful territory campaigns earlier this year that organized 925 military helicopter mechanics, technicians and maintenance personnel employed by L3 at the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) in Corpus Christi, TX.

IAM Locals Join Forces for Upcoming ULA Negotiations

Thu. October 02, 2014

A trio of local lodges from Alabama, Florida and California sent representatives to the William W. Winpisinger Center recently for an intensive week of training in preparation for upcoming contract negotiations with United Launch Alliance (ULA).