Information Systems

The Information Systems Department has one of the most challenging jobs at Headquarters, it must keep up with the constant changes in technology while continuing to deliver innovative solutions. The variability of the IAM’s technology encompasses everything from computers/laptops, mobile devices/tablets, custom and off-the-shelf software, networking, email and keeping all of the systems and data secure.

The IT Department serves every officer of IAM Local Lodges, District Lodges, Territories as well as the Winpisinger Center, Grand Lodge, TCU and NFFE. The department supplies and supports IAM’s software applications that are developed in-house to assist IAM officers to carry out their respective IAM responsibilities. 

The IT Department has an aggressive plan for 2018-2019 to revamp and design new critical IAM applications including:

  • New Contract Tracking System integrated with Membership records. This will provide the ability to identify member-to-contract relationship as well as improve targeted services to all members represented. 
  • VLodge: Redesign and integrate new features including a new contract query system based on the new IAM Contract Tracking System.
  • Organizing: Develop new organizing software tools and resources that not only aide in organizing but also in servicing of the current membership.
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