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images_articles_headquarters_departments_safety-and-health_canlabor_1All Canadians are entitled to work in a healthy and safe environment, yet every year work-related injuries and diseases cause nearly 1,000 deaths in companies and organizations under federal or provincial jurisdiction.

The purpose of Part II of the Canada Labour Code is to prevent work-related accidents and diseases in companies and organizations under federal jurisdiction. At the same time, however, both employers and employees have key roles to play in achieving this goal.

The Labour Program section of the website contains information on the following:

  • prevention – how to protect yourself, what to do in the event of an accident, and hazardous substances;
  • employees – rights, duties, and the complaint resolution process;
  • employers – responsibilities, supervision and training, and health and safety committees;
  • compliance policy – measures to ensure that employers and employees fulfill their duties, the role of health and safety officers, the appeals process, and the interpretation of policies and Operations Program Directives;
  • health and safety committees and representatives – the role of workplace health
  • Liaison Bulletin – a special newsletter providing information on such subjects as amendments to health and safety regulations.

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Canadian Health and Safety Links

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 Newfoundland and Labrador
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Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Workers’ Compensation Board
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Nova Scotia
Department of Environment and Labour
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