Transportation Safety

Transportation SafetyIt is the goal of the IAM Safety and Health Department to provide our members and representatives in the transportation sector with up-to-date information. We believe all workers are entitled to easy access to transportation safety information. Without access to the latest information, workers and their families and the public could be at risk to injury and chemical exposure. Making this information available on our web page is just one way the IAM is working toward this goal. More information may be available through your District or Local Lodge representative.

Please note that addresses on the internet change frequently. Try the links, if they change or are no longer active, please notify the Safety and Health Department at (301) 967-4704 or e-mail to 

The following are web sites relating to Occupational Safety and Health and Transportation Safety. The IAM Safety and Health Department staff have found these to be informative and helpful in research. These may also assist you in obtaining and providing valuable information to members in workplace safety.

Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Transportation Safety Links:

Rail Safety  
Air Transportation Safety  
Spanish Language Resources  

For more resources, see Safety and Health Research Links

Rail Safety
FRA Safety Data
Non-FRA Data Links
Association of American Railroads (AAR)
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
Operation Lifesaver (OLI)
Volpe Center
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

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Air Transportation Safety
National Transportation Safety Board -NTSB
Civil Aviation Authority – CAA
Federal Aviation Administration
Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration – PHMSA
International Air Transport Association – IATA
GSE Today information service for aviation ground support industry
Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council

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Chemical Information
Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry
Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
Cornell University MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheets
New Jersey Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets
NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
OSHA Personal Protective Equipment
Right To Know Network
Society of Toxicology
Vermont MSDS Collection
Environmental Defense Fund”s Chemical “Scorecard”
EnviroLink Network
Agency for Toxic Substances and Diease Registry

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Spanish Language Resources
National COSH Network
National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA

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