IAM Cloud Server Information

A Brief History

Since 2014, the IAM continues to improve the stability of IAM communications throughout the United States and in Canada. In doing so, we realized that this must take shape by first making changes to the web courses we teach at the William W. Winpsinger Center (W3) in Hollywood, MD.

Transitioning away from boxed web programs such as FrontPage and Expression Web, the IAM, forced into innovation sooner than expected, launched the first WordPress Basic Web in March of 2014. With nothing more than a localized version of WordPress and thumb drives, the first participants learned how to use WordPress and, more importantly, the ever-evolving challenges that new technology can bring.

Shortly after the success of the first class, the Communications Department, with the assistance of the IAM Information Systems team, developed a virtual private server network to begin installing and running WordPress sites. The server and WordPress turned out the be a massive success, and soon the IAM Cloud Server was running close to two-hundred web sites.

In 2017, the Communications Department decided it was time to move the hosted websites to a more robust and secure Cloud Server. The IAM currently runs a hosting platform for locals and districts as well as internal and various other sites with the ability to scale for future use.

How Do We Host our Website on the IAM Cloud Server?

Currently, to take advantage of the IAM Cloud Server, locals and districts who send local communicators to the Basic Web class will be set up with a website by default that can be used as a local website later. The other method of taking advantage of the IAM Cloud Servers is to make a formal request to your Territory Communications Representative. After discussing your lodge’s specific needs with the TCR, the Communications Department will begin the steps of setting up a new web environment. If you currently have a WordPress website hosted on a third-party provider and wish to move this website to the IAM Cloud Server, please make sure you state this immediately when making your formal request.