03/30/04 John Kerry Says it Right— Jobs First

John Kerry Says It Right—Jobs First

March 30, 2004 -Now that Senator John Kerry has secured enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination for President, he has turned his full attention to the campaign against George Bush. The most important aspect of this election will be the economy. On Friday, March 26 Kerry in a speech in Detroit said, “Under this president, more and more of our people have begun to lose confidence in our economy. . .instead of giving us an economy that creates jobs and opportunity, our present leadership has given us wedge issues designed to divide Americans. Instead of a real economic plan, they have given us the old politics of negative attacks.”

Senator Kerry will outline his economic proposals throughout the spring under the banner of “Jobs First.” He stated that his goal would be to create 10 million new jobs during his first term as president. This can be accomplished by encouraging companies to bring jobs back to America through a program to tax the profits of companies who bring these jobs back at a much lower rate. In addition to this one time tax break, Mr. Kerry is proposing that the corporate tax rate be reduced from 35 percent to 33.25 percent. He would also provide a tax credit exempting companies from payroll taxes on any new jobs created over a two year period. In commenting on his proposal Kerry said, “I care about getting the job done and creating jobs here in the United States of America.”

To read in greater detail about Senator Kerry’s tax reform for business go to his web site which you can link to at the end of this article.

The economy is vitally important for TCU members and all workers in this country. There cannot be any meaningful recovery in America without jobs. President Bush has presided over an economy that has seen the loss of almost 3 million jobs during his term. We cannot take another four years of the Bush Administration policy of tax cuts for the wealthy and job cuts for the working people. Get involved and support Senator Kerry.

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