04/19/04 John Kerry

John Kerry Will Fight for Affordable Health Care for All

April 19, 2004 – One of John Kerry’s major objectives as President will be to make good health care available and affordable for all Americans. He will take on the special interests to get health care costs under control. He will use the muscle of the federal government to stand up to big insurance and drug companies so reasonable prices will be charged for health care. He is committed to preserving Medicare for our seniors and to making such our nation’s children have coverage.

While George Bush has decided that the most important issue for him is to lavish huge tax cuts on the wealthiest in our country, working Americans struggle to afford health care for their families. John Kerry believes that this is wrong and he will work to correct the problem and set the priorities right.

John Kerry has stated, “I vowed to fight for the day when affordable health care is a right, not a privilege, for every American. I vowed to fight for the 40 million uninsured Americans who have no coverage. . .I vowed to fight for senior citizens forced to choose between their meals and their medicine.”

John Kerry is right on health care and John Kerry is right for America. We in TCU need to work hard to see that John Kerry is elected President of the United States this November. Together we can do the right things for the people of our great country. Support John Kerry!

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