05/24/04 John Kerry will see to it that America is Energy Independent

Building a Stronger America
May 24, 2004 – John Kerry will see to it that America is Energy Independent. Here is how he will do it.

  • America can meet the challenge of energy independence by tapping the ingenuity that’s at the heart of our country. Gas prices have soared to more than $2 a gallon – the highest price ever. That’s a 56 cent increase since the Bush Administration took office. Higher gas prices hurt our economy, cause inflation, and contribute to our ever-growing trade deficit.
  • Rising gas prices empty the pocketbooks of American families and hurt American businesses. At $2 a gallon, gas will now cost the average household about $600 more each year.
  • Reducing our dependence on oil and building a future of clean and abundant energy are urgent national priorities. For our security, our economy, and our environment, we must make America energy independent. By meeting this challenge, we’ll free ourselves of Mid-East oil and make our world cleaner and safer.
  • As President, John Kerry will reduce our dependence on foreign oil by two million barrels a day. He’s going to do that by creating clean, renewable sources of energy; raising fuel economy standards; improving energy conservation; and managing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
  • John Kerry will use strong diplomacy to stand up to OPEC and defend American security without driving up oil prices. He is the man for the job.

Working together on behalf of John Kerry we can return the White House to all Americans. We can have a stronger America with less dependence on foreign oil. The only way is to elect John Kerry as our next President of the United States.


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