06/30/05 Amtrak

Bush Administration Continues Effort to Kill Amtrak

Even after overwhelming support was shown in the House of Representatives to fully fund Amtrak, the Bush Administration continues its efforts to kill Amtrak.

President Bush and his Department of Transportation have not given up the fight to end intercity passenger service in our country. Even in the fact of wide-ranging support of both Democrats and Republicans the Administration continues to assail Amtrak.

In a statement released by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta on June 29, 2005, he states, “[T]he President and I will continue to work with the Congress to ensure passage of reforms designed to save Amtrak. . .” This is an absolutely ridiculous statement from an Administration that proposed zero dollars for Amtrak. The use of the word “reforms” is nothing more than the Bush attempt to contract out portions of Amtrak, force the State’s to take over routes if they want service, and put Amtrak out of business.

President Bush’s solution is “I have to kill you in order to save you.” Thankfully a vast majority of members in the House of Representatives do not accept this approach to intercity passenger service in the United States. (Click here to read Secretary Mineta’s statement)

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