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First Joint TCU-IAM Training Class Great Success

Seventeen newly elected TCU local and district chairmen were the first training class to meet at the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center. This class had the added benefit of being a joint class with IAM Railroad Local Chairmen.

The TCU representatives included carmen, clerks and yardmasters from all around the country. Instructors from TCU and the IAM were assisted by outside experts to cover a variety of topics including the Railway Labor Act, railroad retirement, grievance handling, legal responsibilities and legislative issues. Many sessions were jointly taught and some specific issue areas were covered in separate sessions.

“This seminar is a historic moment for both of our great unions,” said President Robert Scardelletti. “The participants’ enthusiasm and exchange of ideas is testimony of both unions’ commitment to developing educational programs that address the needs of the membership.”

Many of the participants expressed great enthusiasm for their experience at the Winpisinger Center and for the training that they received while there. International Vice President Joel Parker stated that due to the excellent training facilities and how well this first class was received by the local and district chairmen, that TCU will consider holding future TCU training classes there.

In commenting on the first joint training program IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger said, “The IAM is proud that our TCU Sisters and Brothers are taking advantage of the premier educational facility in the labor movement. We look forward to working closely together on more projects in the future.”

Without a doubt this first joint TCU-IAM training session was a great success. This is just one more example of the benefits that the members of both of our great unions have received and will continue to receive from this affiliation and merger.

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