2011 Per Capita Tax Rate Set

IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Warren Mart announced the new Grand Lodge per capita tax for 2011 will be $30.73. The new rate was calculated according to a formula approved by delegates at the 2008 Grand Lodge Convention.

The 2011 per capita tax includes a one-time increase of $2.00 that is added to the 2010 per capita tax of $28.14 and a percentage increase of 1.95 percent applied to that total for a new rate of $30.73.

“The 1.95 percent increase is based on the average of the increase in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index and the Canadian Consumer Price Index. This method replaces the former, more complicated, calculation based on the average hourly wage survey of all IAM lodges,” said GST Mart. “Future per capita tax rates will be based on increases, if any, in the Consumer Price Indexes of the U.S. and Canada.”

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