2019 Spanish Leadership Concludes at Winpisinger Center

The final 2019 Spanish program concluded last week at the William W. Winpisinger Center, as the school welcomed participants from the U.S., Canada and the Territory of Puerto Rico for Spanish Leadership I. The week started and ended with excitement all around. The program was the second highest turnout for Spanish Leadership classes, with 25 members enrolled, eight hailing from the newly affiliated IAM/Carpenters LL 2252C.

The program also marked the third in a series of training this year for the Carpenters Union (UCPR) from Puerto Rico LL 2252C.

 “What I enjoyed the most was sharing my experiences with other union members from so many different places and industries, so much knowledge and experience; it was truly eye-opening to see we belong to such a large and diverse organization,” said Local 2252C steward Rafael Rodriguez Pagan.

Spanish-language programs are coordinated, developed, and delivered by a mix of Winpisinger Center staff and the Spanish Language Working Group (SLWG). Subjects range from Labor History to Parliamentary Procedure in Lodge Administration, Role of the Steward to Human Rights, Why Organizing Matters to Government and Politics.

“I was amazed at the simplicity of how hands-on simulations can teach the proper ways to run a meeting efficiently and effectively. I’ll definitely be using what I learned in real life scenarios,” said Local 2252C President Miguel “Mickey” Alvarez.

“We can never forget how so many of us are fighting against injustices, so many stories of battles yet to be won. Each person taking the time to make a difference,” said New Jersey Local 2329 member Katherine Ramos Fernandes, regarding the Labor History class. Her statement is a true reflection of the passion and dedication that the Spanish instructors.

The next two years promise to be a challenge for the labor movement. Organizing workers in the Spanish-speaking sector will be significant in the struggle for all workers’ rights. Now is the time to stand strong and send the message of diversity and inclusion to our nation’s leaders, communities and within our own union. The key to that message is education.

“To have the opportunity to learn and share experiences and knowledge is priceless. I feel privileged to be here,” said District Lodge 947 member Jennifer Esquivel from in Long Beach, CA.

Spanish-language programs at the W3 Center include Leadership I, Leadership II, Advanced Leadership and Train-the-Trainer. There are several other Spanish programs that target the various levels of union leadership education as well as Staff classes including Collective Bargaining and Organizing I, both offered in Spanish. Please contact your Local Lodge Officers, Business Representative or General Chairperson for information on how to enroll.

The Spanish classes for 2020 are as follows:

March 15-20              SPANISH LEADERSHIP I

May 17-22                  ORGANIZING I PROGRAM – SPANISH

July 12-17                  SPANISH LEADERSHIP II

June 14-19                  SPANISH ADVANCED LEADERSHIP

August 16-21              SPANISH LEADERSHIP I

August 23-28              SPANISH TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

November 15-20        COLLECTIVE BARGAINING

Please note that enrollments in any of the Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your Lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments. 

Download Spanish Leadership enrollment forms in Spanish or English.

If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at (301) 373-8814 or eosorio@iamaw.org.

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