A Day We’ll Never Forget

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Today, and every day, we remember those lost on September 11, 2001. For those of us in the air transport industry, the memories of that day will always be with us.

We lost IAM Sisters and Brothers. Many of us lost friends and family. Our nation and our world changed forever.

What we had then—and what we have now—is our union. We have each other. We joined together to get through those difficult times, just like we always have and we always will.

The IAM will always be there for our members. We’re here to comfort each other, build each other back up, and make better lives for ourselves, our families and our communities.

The fabric of our union was tested on 9/11, but in true IAM spirit, we joined together as one to persevere.

Please keep our union family, and everyone we lost that day, in your memories.

Keith Maynard, IAM
Marianne MacFarlane, IAM
Jesus Sanchez, IAM
James W. Barbella, TCU/IAM
Edward Calderon, TCU/IAM
Rocco Medaglia, TCU/IAM
Eugene Raggio, TCU/IAM
Edward T. Strauss, TCU/IAM

In solidarity and strength,

Richie Johnsen
IAM Air Transport Territory General Vice President

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