A Message From International President R. Thomas Buffenbarger:

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who in one way or another contributed to the victory for working families on November 7. Whether it was through phone banks, house calls or our virtual wall, your efforts to elect Governors who will fight for the middle class were remarkable.  I commend all of you who displayed the courage it takes to move this country forward and improve the lives of working families everywhere. I also commend you for urging your friends and family to do the same.

The stand you were willing to take and your efforts to spread the word to family and friends have paid off. Democrats won 6 new governorships for a total of 28 Democratic governors. The implications are clear: More high-paying jobs, lower utility rates and more affordable education and health care costs. Democrats won six Senate seats and, at the moment, twenty-eight Congressional seats.

November 7 was a clear victory for working families, but it was only the beginning. Now the hard work begins. Stay engaged in the passage of new policies and programs by these newly elected and re-elected governors, senators and congress persons.

In Solidarity,
R. Thomas Buffenbarger

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