New Members Speak Out

LaFarge North America

[Left to right in the picture is Dan Van Kuren, Joe Breedlove, DBR Steve Hernandez, Robert Largacci, Brenda Van Kuren, Greg Smith, Tammy Jackson, Greg Renninger and Jeff Wells.]

June 2, 2004, was a happy day for employees of Lafarge North America in Palatka, Florida. That’s when the ballot count confirmed what the employees knew all along; life goes better with the IAM on your side. The Palatke plant is the top producer of wallboard in North America.

Lafarge employees won because of hard work and unity. The In-Plant Organizing Team fought a difficult, up-hill fight to bring fairness and justice to their workplace. Employees withstood daily antiunion meetings, one-on-one intimidation and scare tactics orchestrated by company management.

Grand lodge representative, Larry Washam headed the campaign with help from apprentice organizer, Billy Stivers and District Lodge 112 organizer, Miriam Baker. Members of IAM Local Lodge 1098 also helped as did grand lodge representatives Al Granado, Don Barker, special representative, Ray Moffat and apprentice organizer, Tommy Mayfield.

We say, congratulation to all!

Service Contract Employees

of Capitol Hill Building Maintenance at the Patuxant River Naval Base enjoyed a 60-3 victory in April 2003 and are now negotiating a contract. Here”s what they have to say about organizing with the IAM:

Juliet Hewleit I think what we did to form the union was the best thing that could happen for the future of the company and the future of the employees. Now, we have a right to speak out, to vote, to make choices and make it all better. The union brings us respect.

Bonnie Pearlman I believe the union will provide better job security.

Toni Roberts (kneeling) We went union because we are united as employees. Instead of being singled out, we can stand united.

Dema Porter I think we did the right thing by going union for a better workplace.

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