Act Now for Public Option

This is an urgent call to action to ensure the House passes health reform with the most robust public option possible.

House Democratic leaders are now meeting to decide what kind of public option should be included in their bill. At issue is how reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals would be set under the public option. The Daily Kos is reporting members are only 12-15 votes away from choosing the strongest option, known as Medicare Plus 5. House members will soon have to meet with the Senate in order to craft out a compromise between the two chambers. Thus, having the strongest possible bill now – before going in to conference – is key.

The Daily Kos has put together a list of those House members that need an extra push. If your representative is listed as leaning yes or undecided, please pick up the phone right now and call 202-224-3121 to urge them to support the Medicare Plus 5 public option today. And while you’re at it, the Senate has yet to include any kind of public option in their bill. Contact your local Senator today, as well.

Click here to send your representative and senators one email.

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