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TCU Aids Families of Striking Grocery Workers In Southern California

At the request of International President Robert Scardelletti, TCU’s Finance Committee has approved a request for TCU to assist in the AFL-CIO’s Adopt-a-Striking-Family program to help the thousands of union brothers and sisters who have been manning the picket lines in the Southern California grocery strike and lockout. The major issue is the companies’ insistence that the workers either accept reduced health benefits or pay increased premiums for their health care coverage. The average full time worker at these grocery stores earns $19,176 per year.

Following this decision President Scardelletti immediately contacted all TCU General Chairmen, Local and District Chairpersons and Presidents and asked for their Boards, Locals and Districts help in this program. President Scardelletti stated, “In view of the fight TCU faced in national negotiations and several rail unions are still facing, I don’t need to tell you that the battle these union brothers and sisters are fighting in Southern California in holding the line over health care is important. . .Their fight is our fight!”

As a member of TCU you can assist in this struggle by making an individual contribution to the Adopt-a-Striking-Family program.
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