Aeroguard Bargaining Committee Completes Training

Members of the District 140 Bargaining Committee completed a week of intensive training at the William W. Winpisinger Center that included simulated bargaining sessions to better prepare for upcoming negotiations with Aeroguard.

The newly elected IAM Negotiating Committee representing employees of Aeroguard at the Vancouver International Airport recently completed negotiation preparation training classes at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Southern Maryland.

“Our members working at Aeroguard/CATSA will be the beneficiaries of the in-depth training that this committee went through during the week,” said GLR Ron Fontaine. “The committee is much better prepared today to face the enormous task and responsibility they have in negotiating a collective agreement that will establish a higher standard of living for all Screening Officers within our industry.

“With the leadership of District 140 General Chair Tania Canniff and the work ethic of this group, we should be in good shape to deal with the hurdles that must be faced in the next round of bargaining. They know their memberships needs, and they are determined to put a plan in place that will achieve these goals,” said Fontaine.

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