AFL-CIO Gears Up for Major Health Care Push

The AFL-CIO is calling for all hands on deck as House and Senate lawmakers prepare for the final stretch in health care reform.

Lawmakers in both chambers are preparing for full debate on the health care issue. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the House’s bill this week, which includes a public option and expansion of Medicaid. The Senate’s bill, the weaker of the two, also includes a public option, but one in which states could opt-out; as well as a tax on workers’ health benefits.

In anticipation of the upcoming battle, the Federation has announced a massive push by members of the labor movement during the week of November 5-13, 2009. AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler is encouraging members to plan worksite events, organize congressional phone banks, write letters, hand out flyers, stickers, etc.

“We are now at critical moment,” says Shuler. “We’ve never been this close to health care reform before.”

Materials are available here or through the AFL-CIO’s Working Families Toolkit. Members are also encouraged to take photos of events and send them to

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