AFL-CIO Convention Ends in Chicago

AFL-CIO Convention Ends in Chicago

After four days of speeches, deliberations and voting the Twenty-fifth AFL-CIO Convention came to an end on Thursday, July 28 in Chicago. On Wednesday, the delegates re-elected President John Sweeney, Secretary-Treasurer Rich Trumka and Executive Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson by acclamation.

The convention began on Monday, July 25 on a bitter note when five of the affiliated unions chose to boycott the convention. Subsequently, the SEIU and the Teamsters disaffiliated from the AFL-CIO announcing their decision Monday afternoon.

TCU President Bob Scardelletti said that the actions of the boycotting unions was a sad day in the House of Labor. He stated, “I believe that more can be accomplished for all union members if we have solidarity in the labor movement. The decision by a few of the unions seems to be based on personal desires and a quest for power rather than what is good for all working men and women in America.”

President Scardelletti, who was re-elected as an AFL-CIO Vice President, said, “the actions taken by the delegates to the convention show that the AFL-CIO is on the right track for America’s workers.” The delegates passed resolutions to make the labor movement stronger and to revitalize the organizing and the political programs of the AFL-CIO.

President John Sweeney urged the boycotting unions to return to the AFL-CIO. He said they would be welcome back as we continue our quest in behalf of our members. Sweeney did say, however, the AFL-CIO will move forward with or without these unions.

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