Air Canada IAM Members Ratify Contract

IAM members at Air Canada voted nearly 3-to-1 to accept the terms of an agreement covering more than 7,500 workers at the carrier. The contract covers technical maintenance and operational support employees handling baggage at airports and in Air Canada Cargo.

The contract contains job security and job protection measures, along with two re-openers allowing members the chance to negotiate certain improvements mid-contract.

“This deal provides our members labor stability and job security. In today’s economy that’s a good thing,” said IAM District 140 President and Directing General Chairperson Fred Hospes. “For the length of this agreement, no matter what the station, no matter who the operating carrier is, our members will continue to perform the regional ground handling work in their locations.”

Job protection was a priority for the members and the negotiating committee, and under this agreement Air Canada must treat Air Canada Rouge aircraft as they do mainline aircraft with respect to ground handling and maintenance jobs.

“Our mechanics also benefit from job security on the aircraft they currently maintain,” said Hospes. “If Air Canada transfers any of its existing fleet of aircraft to an Air Canada Express Partner who continues to fly on behalf of Air Canada, IAM mechanics will continue to perform the maintenance work on the transferred aircraft.” 

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