Air Transport Members Speak Up at Charlotte, NC Committee on the Future Session

IAM members in the Charlotte, NC area came out to IAM Victory Lodge 1725 after a regular membership meeting for a Committee on the Future Listening Session. 

IAM Air Transport Territory Chief of Staff Edison Fraser opened the session and introduced the Committee on the Future members there to hear from the membership.

“The Committee on the Future members here today will make sure your voice drives this process,” said Fraser. “Together, we will change our union for the better and continue fighting for justice and dignity for another 135 years.”

IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff Craig Martin attended the introduction of the session.

“This is a valuable piece of our future,” said Martin. “The members are very empowered, and this gives them even more of a voice, a voice inside of the union. There are a lot of members out there bringing new ideas forward and new energy into the organization — that’s going to pay dividends.” 

This listening session was led by three Committee on the Future members: Special Representative Tiwaan Bradley, Grand Lodge Representative David Dimaria, and District 60 Auditor/Local 635 Steward Amanda Andrew.

“The goal of this is to connect with members and create positive change,” said Bradley. “I’m happy to be a part of anything that will create positive change.”

About 40 members attended the session and gave ideas to prompts given by the committee. The committee asked for members to vocalize their suggestions about the structure of the union, organizing, union-building, staffing, representation, engagement, community presence, priorities to focus on, and more.

The IAM Committee on the Future is holding Listening Sessions throughout the U.S. and Canada to give members an open opportunity to share their ideas on how to better our union and prepare for the future.

“I believe in our members. I believe in their ideas, and I believe in the changes they want to see,” said Martin. “That’s what we’re here for, as leaders of this union, we’re here for our membership.”

For information on the Committee on the Future, click here.

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