Air Transport Territory Joins Detroit Local 141 Holiday Celebration

IAM Air Transport Territory Chief of Staff Edison Fraser attended IAM Local 141’s annual holiday party in Dearborn, Mich., joining members for an afternoon of celebration and togetherness to close out the year.

Local 141 represents ramp workers of American Airlines, customer service agents of Southwest Airlines, and at-home reservation agents of United Airlines at Detroit Metro Airport.

“It was my pleasure to visit with the Air Transport Territory members of Local 141,” said Fraser. “It was a joyful time to celebrate the holidays and be with my union brothers and sisters. I want to thank the entire local for their hospitality and invitation. A big thank you to the district general chairs and local executive board who made it all happen.”

Over 100 Local 141 members came out for the party, and the local’s community service team conducted a toy drive for children at the local women’s shelter.

Local 141 executive board members Jeff Toms (President), Tameesha Holmes (Vice President), Stephanie Walker (Secretary Treasurer), Jill Hazamy (Recording Secretary), Stacy Ewingand (Conductor Sentinel), and Trustees Lakeisha Wilson, Michelle Smith, Michelle Large-Agee put together the event for the membership. Each executive board member was responsible for making a homemade dish and getting donations for prizes.

The local conducts fundraisers yearlong to cover the cost of food and prizes. 

IAM District 141 Assistant General Chair Tony Gibson donated Lions tickets and Air Transport Territory Special Representative Andrea Myers also donated some items. Each member of the Local 141 Executive Board donated a $50 gift card, and District 141 Assistant General Chair Mike Fairbanks and Special Representative Jen Jolly donated money for raffle prizes. Air Transport Territory Associate Organizer Tiffany Lopez made homemade mostaccioli.

“The members really appreciate that we do this,” said IAM Local 141 Recording Secretary Jill Hazamy. “It’s all done through donations and fundraising throughout the year, and tickets are to attend are $15 to help pay for everything.”

The local sent out a survey to ask the membership what they would like to have at the holiday party and people wanted entertainment, so the board booked a DJ. 

“We got a lot of really good feedback from that,” said Hazamy. “They liked that we had a DJ and that we kept the cost to attend down. We’ll do the same this year and send out another survey to see how we can improve it.”

“We were all really excited that Chief of Staff Fraser came and we told him that we hope he and General Vice President Johnsen can make it again next year,” said Hazamy.

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