Alabama Local 2766 Committee Completes Training


Members of the Local 2766 Negotiating Committee, from left, President Marcus Glover, Ken Mathews, District 75 Directing Business Representative Steve Pridgen, District 75 Business Representative Gary Wills and George Alexander go through a simulated bargaining session with Winpisinger Center instructor Julie Frietchen, right, to prepare for upcoming negotiations with Boeing in Huntsville, AL.

 In preparation for bargaining a new agreement with Boeing in Huntsville, AL, three members of the negotiating committee from Local 2766 in Huntsville, AL, completed an intense week of training during the Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees Class at the William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

“The week was very positive and informative,” said Local 2766 President and committee member Marcus Glover. “It gave us an opportunity to develop a plan for these negotiations and prepared us to meet the company across the table as equals.” After reviewing the results of the survey completed by the membership, the committee began identifying issues and developing a bargaining agenda. Their skills were put to the test during the simulated bargaining session, and the committee ended up with a strategic plan to carry them through the signing of a new agreement with Boeing.

“This committee is prepared to face any challenges that may come their way at the bargaining table,” said District 75 Business Representative Gary Wills. “The information and the training the committee received will help tremendously when we sit down in January to negotiate with Boeing. This committee is ready to get the job done for membership.”

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