Alabama Local Ratifies Strong New Contract

IAM Local 985 in Coosa Pines, Alabama, overwhelmingly approved a new 3-year deal with the first pay increase above .35 cents in the history of the agreement. Tier 1 got $3.50 over 3 years and tier 2 got $5.75 over 3 years, with no takeaways, all while maintaining the IAM National Pension Plan.

Negotiators were also able to make several language improvements including paid time off, and safety and health.

“The entire negotiating committee are all women, and the shop is 100% union,” said IAM District 75 Business Representative Jamie Littlefield. “These ladies worked hard, prepped, and took part in all aspects of negotiating.”

“This is a great win, ” said Local 985 President and negotiating chairperson Ms. Dana Massey. “This contract reflects the respect our members deserve and have earned. This contract would not have been possible without the Negotiating Committee Emily Giddens, Rebecca Vincent, and Morgan Giles”

IAM Members of Local 985 are employed at Coosa Pines Federal Credit Union.

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