Alabama Machinists Celebrate Labor Day in Mobile

Alabama Machinists came out in large numbers to take part in the annual Mobile Labor Day parade.

A large contingent of Machinists from central and southwest Alabama converged on Mobile this week to take part in the city’s annual Labor Day parade.

It was a chance for the Machinists Union, which represents some 6,000 workers in the surrounding area, to join with other unions in Mobile in celebrating the many social and economic achievements of the American worker.

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“Mobile has seen an explosion in industrial activity recently,” said Grand Lodge Representative Al Granado, who runs the IAM’s offices in Mobile. “There are workers at Splenda, Airbus and countless others who, with little fanfare, are doing the jobs that make our country great. Today was about acknowledging them for the work they do.”

The IAM has recently increased activity in Mobile in order to provide support for both current members and workers at Airbus who have expressed interest in forming a union.

“We are here for the long haul,” said Granado. “Mobile has a rich labor history and the IAM is fully invested in ensuring that continues.”

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