Amazon Workers Vow to Continue Union Drive

A union election among 30 Maintenance Technicians at the Amazon warehouse in Middletown, DE may have fallen short of the majority needed, but workers there understand a successful organizing campaign often requires several election cycles before representation is achieved.

The 21-to-6 vote was overseen by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and represented the first union election at the company’s Delaware facility.

“The workers at Amazon faced intense pressure from managers and anti-union consultants hired to suppress this organizing drive,” said IAM Eastern Territory Communications Representative John Carr. “We responded when these workers initially reached out to us, and we’ll continue to work with them to pursue the collective bargaining rights they’re entitled to under federal labor law.”

In addition to negotiated seniority, promotion and vacation guidelines, the workers at Amazon are seeking the establishment of an effective safety committee in the fast-paced workplace. “A mature contract contains more than just wages and benefits,” said Carr. “It gives workers a real voice in their safety and security on the job.”

Under NLRB rules, workers at Amazon can immediately begin collecting signature cards needed for a new election, however, one year must pass before a new vote can be scheduled.

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