Amtrak Funding Moves Forward


9-9-04 – Today the Senate’s Transportation, Treasury and General Government Subcommittee on Appropriations marked up $1.2 billion for Amtrak. This together with another $300 million in guaranteed loans would set Amtrak’s appropriation for FY 2005 at $1.5 billion. This would allow Amtrak the necessary funding to continue its operations without any further reductions. Although this was the subcommittee the members of the full Appropriations Committee were all in attendance—this is a good indication that this is what will be voted on by the full Senate.

It is hoped that Amtrak funding can be completed before Congress breaks for the elections. It is impossible to know what a “lame duck” session of Congress would do to Amtrak.

When the full Senate approves the Amtrak appropriation it will then be sent to a Conference Committee as the House more than likely will not go along with the $1.2 billion as President Bush is pushing for only $900 million for Amtrak. It will be in the Conference Committee that the final amount will be determined.

TCU will continue in our efforts to secure the highest possible funding level for Amtrak.

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