Amtrak’s Survival is at Stake

Amtrak’s Survival Is at Stake–
Congress Must Hear from You
That Full Funding Is Vital
FOR Jobs, Communities and the Nation

March 4, 2002…Members at Amtrak have been thrown headlong into the most severe financial and 
political storm of the company’s 30-year history and they are calling on every one of their TCU 
brothers and sisters for help in persuading Congress to stand up for this vital part of the 
nation’s transport system by voting the funding it requires.
          Time is short.
          Facing a crisis shortfall of cash before the fiscal year ends, Amtrak managers have 
begun implementing drastic job cuts and furloughs. Amtrak President George Warrington has said 
that at least 1000 jobs will be slashed almost immediately. Reports are that more than 300 TCU 
members’ jobs will be axed in the coming days.
          Amtrak needs $1.2 billion next fiscal year but the Bush Administration has proposed only 
$521 million, nowhere near the amount needed just to get through the next year. Amtrak cannot 
survive, much less expand as it should, if it is not given strong support and funding.
          Your help is needed now. Add your voice to the debate and send letters to your Representative and Senators urging them to stand up for Amtrak members and the nation’s vital rail passenger system by voting full funding to keep Amtrak and America rolling.
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